The Power of Momentum Shifts in Business

Have you ever watched a sporting event where it is clear one team is lagging behind, and then all of the sudden they get one small win that starts to snowball?

As my fiancé is a football coach, I’ve been plunged into the world of sports and have seen this occur SO many times in football games and other matches.

The lagging team or opponent is depleted, you can tell their mindset is just trying to keep up, not sure if they can come back. And then all of the sudden they get some small kernel of hope – a blocked punt, a big play, one score.

This kernel then ignites a shift, and allows them to shift from a losing mentality to one of hope, one that suggests they’re still in this. Even if the score isn’t in their favor, they now have a fire under them to change the tides.

This momentum shift often snowballs into several other wins that can even accumulate to them winning the game. And it all started with a small win that made them believe they weren’t down and out just yet.

These occurrences aren’t just available for sporting events, they can also be applied to your life and business. They show us that it all has to start with a belief. A belief that it is possible, that you can achieve what you desire, that you are not SOL and unable to win.

So how can you give this to yourself when you are doubting yourself? Find your own momentum shift.

Here’s the best tips I’ve found to do so:

  1. Start looking for little wins in your everyday. That one smaller client coming in, that situation working out in your favor.
  2. Instead of feeling like those “aren’t enough” let them be proof that the tides are shifting.
  3. Ask for smaller manifestations to build back belief in yourself as a powerful creator. Start with manifesting something like a free gift that week and just see what shows up. I do this every time I need to build trust back up and it ALWAYS works. The last time I asked for this I got $60 in rental gear for backcountry skiing for free for the day. It reminded me that of course I get to be supported.
  4. Choose to feed thoughts of trust and faith instead of the thoughts telling you nothing is working and you are stuck. This can be easier said than done, but just start to gently observe your thoughts. Instead of focusing on the lack or what is not working out, start to focus solely on the goal you have in mind. Feed thoughts that give power to that coming in instead of ones that send you into fear spirals.

Want more tips to help you succeed?

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