Three Quick SEO Wins

SEO (search engine optimization) can feel like a daunting term for those not familiar with the online space. Even for those within the space it can feel like it is ever-changing.

So, if you’re not a tech wizard but you’re looking to set your website up on the right foot, I am providing you with three quick SEO wins to improve your website and its ranking.


1. Optimize your images for web

This is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your SEO. Google and other search engines look at your page speed as a factor for SEO. Meaning, if you have a slow loading page, it isn’t favorable for you.

One way to improve the speed of your site is to make sure all of your images are optimized for web. You can use sites like TinyPNG to compress your images. When saving, I try to never go above 2000px on the large end. Another guide is to keep the file under 500 KB.


2. Connect your site to Google Search Console and submit your sitemap

This step is slightly more technical, but definitely doable even for a novice. Connecting to Google Search Console helps you see any issues your site is having, optimize your site for search, view what keywords you are ranking for and see any crawl errors.

You can also submit your sitemap through Google Search Console, which will inform Google of all of your pages and makes it easy for it to crawl your site so it knows how to present your info on its search engine.

For an easy step-by-step of connecting and submitting your site map, view this article.


3. Optimize your site for mobile

Ok, this one may seem obvious but it is a huge one for SEO. Nowadays roughly 60% of website traffic comes from mobile. So, it is very important that your viewers are easily able to navigate your website on mobile as well as desktop. Google favors sites that are mobile friendly and you can use this tool to test your site.

If you’re designing your site on a platform like Squarespace, this is already covered for you. Just make sure as you are designing the site to check the layout on all devices and pay attention to these callouts.


These are just a few of my quick tips to help with your SEO, if you are looking to dive deeper I am happy to refer you to the expert I use for SEO. As always I am happy to answer any questions if you email me at!

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