Need clarity and direction before beginning the design phase?

Then this package is perfect for you. Before we even dive into the visual representation of your business, we do a month of mindset coaching to remove any blocks and ensure the business you are building is FULLY aligned with your desires.


Before you invest thousands more into the digital representation of your business, let's take a look under the hood to make sure whatever we create together will be truly authentic to you. We will also work together to clear out the subconscious roadblocks that have a nasty tendency of sabotaging success after you launch your new brand and/or site. The old stories that have put limits on what your business is capable of won't stand a chance against the toolkit I will give you to face fear and doubt head on. 

We will work together for this month to help you gain clarity within your business and help you tap into YOUR inner wisdom. This work will put you in touch with your intuition and let you be the driver of your future, instead of allowing obstacles to defeat your progress. The world needs your gifts, let's work together to make sure you are fully set up for success so you can have the impact you truly desire.

If you've found yourself paralyzed in the design phase, and feel like you can never quite hit the nail on the head, there might be something missing. Something going on behind the scenes that is stopping you in your tracks from being able to work with a designer to truly bring your vision and next phase of your business to life  

Timeline: One Month added to timeline of brand or website package chosen

Investment: $1,111 added to the price of the brand or website package chosen

• One month of coaching before your brand and/or web design package to make sure all of the designs we create are aligned with the business that is authentic to you and remove any limiting beliefs that will hold you back
  • One 90 minute intensive 
  • Three 60 minute calls
  • Assigned journal prompts and affirmations 
  • Unlimited Voxer support 
  • Structured framework to help you cement these concepts into your everyday

• A fully custom brand and/or website design reflective of the work we did to gain clarity on your business offerings 

  • Brand Assets designed to fit your vision and bring the personality behind your brand to life
  • Primary, Secondary and Submark Logos delivered in all file formats needed 
  • Three custom fonts
  • Five colors tailored to your brand 
  • Mood board outlining the use of all of these assets, inspiration for future branded photoshoots and imagery you can use on your site or for any other marketing needs
  • Style Guide showing you how to use all of these custom elements for all future marketing materials

  • Fully custom design to truly fit your business needs and desired layout
  • Design of 8 pages with the user experience at the forefront of the design
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Intensive call diving into needed content and copy for each page
  • Copywriting strategy to ensure viewers fully understand the quality and value of your services
  • Social media, Google Analytics, CRM and email integration
  • All encompassing video tutorial to teach you how to manage and edit pages moving forward

Timeline: One Month added to timeline of brand or website package chosen



"My work with Sydney was a complete game-changer. In just an hour, we unpacked a lot of the mindset blocks I've been dealing with since I started freelancing full-time. Her perspective and guidance helped me uncover the core of what was stopping me, and I left the session feeling recharged.
She helped me figure out how to shift my vibration — and it worked. Within two hours after our session ended I had another new business opportunity waiting in my inbox. Thank you, Syd!!"

Kat A

"I could not have been happier working with Olivewing Designs. Right from the beginning Sydney took the information I gave her and came back with pictures and designs that completely matched my vision. She offered helpful advice when asked and provided all the information I would need to know to continue to manage the site once her work was finished. If you have the opportunity to work with Sydney, I could not recommend her more!"

Sumner, Sum Nutrition


"Before I started this coaching with Sydney I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck in scarcity and wasn’t sure where to take action. Now I have so much clarity on where I’m headed! I feel like I am actually moving the needle in my business and the action I’m taking is actually in alignment with the lifestyle I desire. I actually believe my goals and dreams are possible. I’ve removed the stress and scarcity around money and started asking for what I want/need - which has really helped in so many areas of my life."

My experience working with Sydney was an absolute delight! Every step of the way our exchange was fluid, easy and fulfilling.  She delivers on time and after each stage of the process she followed up with a one on one conversation and took us to the next step. What I appreciated most about Sydney’s professional style was her effortless patience and the generosity she offered with her time. Her supportive and ‘anything is possible’ approach made our work together fun and a total joy. 

Ali Ghiorse, tHE fooDSHED NETWORK

Sydney is an incredibly talented brand consultant and designer. I've worked with her on three important projects including the creation of a visual brand for my agency, the design and development of a Showit site, and product packaging. Sydney stands out with her streamlined process, frequent and effective communication, and her ability to guide her client through the process. I'm looking forward to collaborating with Sydney on many more projects in the near future. 10 out of 10, highly recommend!

kristin, positioned

"Thank you to Sydney, owner of Olivewing Designs for creating my beautiful website on Squarespace. She listened to what I wanted, made changes along the way and was very communicative along the way. Thank you!"

 Annette Bond, Annetebond.com

“Olivewing Designs was so great to work with! Sydney heard my design needs and was prompt in delivering a creative and unique website for our growing company. Sydney has great ideas and was able to take my direction and create a website I am really proud of. She was a pleasure to work with - punctual, professional and everything I hoped for in a designer.”


“Olivewing Designs  was fantastic to work with, and did professional and beautiful work!  I so appreciated Sydney’s step by step process that included consulting with me at each juncture. She was able to quickly assess my goals for a web site and responded with a series of options in design and content.  Sydney was flexible in her process and communication with me as a client, and was responsive to requests and suggestions.  It was a pleasure to work with Sydney, and most of all, she does remarkable work!”

Heidi, East Consulting

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