East Consulting & Associates

With over 20 years of experience, East Consulting & Associates is dedicated to supporting leaders, teams and organizations drive towards high impact outcomes. I worked with their founder Heidi to create original brand assets and a site in 2017 and again in 2022 as her business had grown and shifted. When we worked together in 2022 we redid her Squarespace site to accurately reflect her new business offerings and resonate with her new markets. 

Brand Design
Squarespace Website Design


“Olivewing Designs was fantastic to work with, and did professional and beautiful work! I so appreciated Sydney’s step by step process that included consulting with me at each juncture. She was able to quickly assess my goals for a web site and responded with a series of options in design and content. Sydney was flexible in her process and communication with me as a client, and was responsive to requests and suggestions. It was a pleasure to work with Sydney, and most of all, she does remarkable work!”

- Heidi | Founder of East Consulting & Associates

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The olivewing butterfly is the only animal in nature that produces blue pigment.

Everything else is simply a reflection of light.

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