Get Out Of Your Own Way: Tools to Shift Your Mindset

One of the biggest keys to success is simply believing you can achieve your desires. However, this is easier said than done. When I started my business, my mind was littered with doubts, should dos, and limiting beliefs.

The desire to let go of these stories led me down an incredible path of leaning into mindfulness that has truly transformed my life.

It is no surprise that this work went hand-in-hand with building my business. You NEED a positive outlook in order to succeed in business, so I had to do this work to let in more trust and let go of fear and doubt in order to keep going.

Recently, I’ve been helping friends find the resources and tools to help them shift to a mindset of abundance and joy versus scarcity and fear. So, I wanted to share these tips and tools more publicly in hopes that they will help you transform your mindset like they have for me and those in my life I’ve shared them with.


1. Become an observer of your thoughts

The first step I took was to observe my thoughts. This can be very uncomfortable as you become acutely aware of the way you talk to yourself. I realized that I was such a huge critic of myself and would constantly tear myself down. A big question that shifted so much for me was if I wanted to spend my life being my biggest critic, or biggest cheerleader.

Which would you prefer? I can promise you your life is A LOT easier when you are supporting yourself and giving yourself grace through each step instead of ridiculing and dissecting every move.

Observing your thoughts allows you to take an onlookers view of the stories running through your head. It allows you to come across a limiting belief like, “I am not good enough for x” and question it instead of accepting it as fact.

Dismantling these stories and limiting beliefs that have kept you “safe” is what will allow you to move past blocks and move on to pursing your desires without resistance. So, it is so important to face these uncomfortable parts of you so you can break them down and move past them.


2. Journal

Pairing journaling with the observations you have made can be extremely powerful. I journal daily, but this wasn’t something that happened over night. I had to find the right journal prompts that made me excited to pick up a pen.

A great place to start to get more comfortable with journaling and becoming aware of your emotions is through this course: Journal Your Feelings by Amber Rae.

Another way journaling can help you shift to a better mindset is by working through those limiting beliefs you have started to observe. Every time I find another limiting belief I need to dismantle I 1.Write out the belief 2. Ask myself if it is ultimately true 3. Write why it is not and what I choose to believe instead. This practice is immensely helpful for rewriting the stories in your head.


3. Start with gratitude

A great way to elevate your mood and shift towards positivity is to come back to gratitude. I start every morning with writing five things I am grateful for that day. The five things do not have to be huge things. My list often includes things like a sunny morning or a conversation with a friend that opened my mind.

The goal is to get in the habit of observing the small things you have to be grateful for so that you focus on these things more. What you put your focus on is what you will see more of in your life. So, if you focus on all of the amazing things, big and small, more will come.

Doing this daily can really transform your outlook on life. There are mornings I wake up with fear and doubt weighing heavy. However, once I take the time to observe all of the positive things in my life and focus on those instead, the fear and doubt starts to diminish and I can turn the day around.


4. Meditate

Now I know this one can seem intimidating, it did for me at first as well. I still only do guided meditations as my mind wanders too much without the help of someone walking me through a thought process. I’ve listed some of my favorite guided meditations below, but my go to source is Insight Timer.

Things Get To Be Easy For You

Open Awareness Meditation

Money Mindset Manifesting Abundance Guided Relaxation Meditation for Attracting Prosperity

Manifest Your Deepest Desires

I Am Enough Meditation 


5. Move your body

Another tool that helps me shift my mindset on the meh days is getting active. It can be for a ten minute walk outside, a 30 minute workout or a longer hike if I have time. However, every time I do this, I come back looking at things differently and am able to shift to a much more positive mindset.

My favorite at home workouts are from Obe. They have really fun classes that you can watch at anytime so the workouts are on your schedule. My personal favorites are their dance HIIT workouts that kick your butt while also letting you let loose and be silly with the workout.


6. Affirmations

Affirmations go hand in hand with journaling and observing your thoughts. As you are releasing the old stories and truths of your life, you can start to use these to affirm the new truths you want to believe. You can put these as reminders in your phone, write them on your mirror or simply in a journal. Take time to feel into the statements each day and observe what it would feel like if each were true for you now.

Here’s a great list of affirmations for every area of your life, you can pick which are most relevant for you. This video is also filled with affirmations for success and is a fun way to start your day.


7. Surround yourself with an inspiring community

The last tip I will give is to surround yourself with people in all areas of your life who support you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. During the past two years I have made incredible friends who are aligned with the life I want to live and I have also had to let go of friendships that didn’t work. It can be uncomfortable, but you truly are a result of those you spend your time with, so be wise about who you choose to give your time and energy to.

Also, if you are on social media, try and only follow accounts and people who lift you up and help you grow. Some of my favorite accounts for this are listed below.

Amanda Frances

Morgan Harper Nicholas 

Nicole Walters

Brene Brown

Olivia Jean

Happy Humans Project

Mountains and Flowers


Reminder: this work is meant to make you feel GOOD so that you are able to show up for yourself and for the world. If you try these tips and tactics and one of them feels like a chore, don’t do it. Find the tools that you enjoy using to raise your mood and don’t force the ones that don’t work for you.

Looking for more resources on the topic? Check out The Big Leap and Ask and It Is Given. These books helped me drastically shift my perspective.

Want more tips to help you succeed?

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